Communicating with the Consortium

There are several ways of contacting the Consortium:


By far the most efficient means of communication. You will normally receive a response to an e-mail within 24 hours.If you haven’t received a response within 7 days, we have not received your e-mail.

Enquiry Form

Complete the enquiry form on the right of this page. You will normally receive a response within 2 days.


Attn. Mr. Bob Cleverly,
MC & GM TT Consortium,
A210, The Heath Business & Technical Park,
Runcorn, Cheshire, WA7 4QX.

Depending on the speed of the post, you will normally receive a response within 7 days.

By contacting your Local Authority

Each of our 8 partner Local Authorities have a representative on the Management Group, and may be able to advise on certain issues.

Contacting your local school

Most schools have heard of the Consortium, and many are aware of the requirements of the School Direct Programme.

But what about the telephone?

From experience, the telephone is the least effective means of contacting the Consortium for general enquiries.

For more specific enquiries our number at the office is:

01928 – 511777

Occasionally, it may be that our staff are out of the office on training days, or visiting trainees. If you do leave a message please include your name and contact number and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

For further information you can use this 'Contact Us' form. Remember to include both your e-mail and postal address so we can reply as quickly as possible.

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Our Address is:

The Heath Business Park,
Runcorn, Cheshire


Key in WA7 4NH to find The Heath Business & Technical Park, main visitor entrance and Conference Centre, which is located in Heath Boulevard.

Alternatively if you do not have the latest software update for your SatNav, please key in WA7 4QQ to find The Heath Business & Technical Park, located on Heath Road South, Runcorn.

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