We are currently in discussion with our partner schools with regard to their probable vacancies, and will announce arrangements on our web site when these have been finalised, but this is now not likely to be until early November. However, it is looking increasingly likely that the application portal for the partner schools in our Consortium will not open until the beginning of January, 2014.

We will have a number of places where the Lead school will also be the employing school, and no preferred candidate has been identified, so these places will be totally open, but competition is expected to be high. Only the very best quality applications will be considered for interview for these places.

We will also have a larger number of places where candidate will be expected to nominate an Employing school. Again, competition will be high, but you now have a little more time to identify an employing school and develop a relationship with them. If your school would like to find out a little more about the arrangements for these places, please ask the main contact to email me, mentioning you as a potential candidate.

Sadly, at the moment, we will have no funded vacancies for Secondary teachers.