School/Self-funded Employed – no longer available

Sometimes, a trainee, school or particular secondary subject is not eligible to receive Government funding towards the employment and training costs for the School Direct – Salaried Initial Teacher Training Route.

As an alternative the Consortium can offer the same programme to schools and applicants but with the full costs of employment being met by the school and the training costs paid either by the school, the trainee or shared between the two by mutual agreement.

Trainees follow the same programme as those on the School Direct – Salaried Route and the expectations regarding the commitment of the employing school to facilitate and support the trainees training are exactly the same.

The recruitment and selection process is equally rigorous as the funded route although it is possible that there can be some negotiation around the minimum 2:2 degree requirement for exceptional candidates.

Application should be made directly to the Consortium using the guidance notes and application form below: