School Direct Salaried Employed Initial Teacher Training Programme 2021/22


The School Direct Salaried Initial Teacher Training Programme is a twelve month employed school based route to gain qualified teacher status (QTS).

It is designed for high quality experienced graduates, who are career changers and who have had a minimum of three years career experience prior to the start of the programme. Part time employment as a student does not count. Applicants must also have had some experience in school.

Employment and in school training begin on the first day of Autumn Term 2021 and will continue until the end of the Summer Term 2022.

Prior to that there is a briefing session for successful applicants on the afternoon of Tuesday 13th July 2021 and required attendance at an Induction week in August 2021 running from Monday 23rd August until Friday 27th August 2021. This will be held at The Heath Business and Technical Park in Runcorn.

Training is school led in partnership with the Consortium who facilitate additional taught sessions, at which attendance is expected and for which employing schools agree to release trainees. Trainees also spend a minimum of six weeks in an alternative setting (second school) Quality assurance, pastoral and administrative support and the confirmation of QTS, upon successful completion of the programme, are all the responsibility of the Consortium as accrediting provider.

For the duration of the programme the trainee is employed by their school at least at the bottom of the unqualified teacher pay scale currently £18,169 per annum. The employing school receives a grant of £9000.00 towards the trainee’s salary and training cost. Trainees are not required to be supernumerary to staffing structure so it is likely that they will have teaching timetable which will increase as they move through the programme.

All applications must be made via the UCAS website, not to individual schools or to the Consortium.

Additional Information required by the Consortium

Although all applications must be made via the UCAS website the application form itself does not provide the Consortium with all of the information it requires. Applicants are asked to complete two additional forms. One gives us specific information about your school experience, and the other confirms your qualifications and ID. On receipt of your UCAS application the Consortium will send you an email containing these forms asking you to complete and return them straight away. Your application will be at a disadvantage if you do not complete these documents and return them to the Consortium.

These forms can be also sent to the Consortium (not the Lead School) in advance of submitting your UCAS application.

These two additional forms can be downloaded here.

Lead and Employing Schools

Lead School – a school that has applied for and been awarded one or more training places on the School Direct Training Programme – salaried by the Department for Education (DfE) – who will lead the school partnership. They may or may not be an employing school.

Employing School – a school who agrees to employ and train a trainee for the duration of their training programme.

How to apply for the 2021/22 School Direct Salaried Programme

UCAS Teacher Training (UTT) web site is currently open for candidates to sign up for a free Information Pack. Candidates will be able to submit applications as soon as the UCAS website opens towards the end of October 2020.


All of the Consortium’s partner schools will be accepting applications from the opening date until all places are filled or June 2021, whichever is the soonest.

If you have an Employing School you should apply as soon as UCAS applications open.

If you do not have an Employing School please contact the Consortium Office for advice.


Check you meet the entry requirements for your chosen school(s) and that you can be available for possible interview dates.
Interview dates will be arranged once we have sufficient candidates to interview.

Also check you will be available for the Induction Week running from Monday 23rd August  to Friday 27th August inclusive.


Register to apply on the UTT website and fill in your application following the guidance at


The Consortium will be working with each school to process applications.

If your application meets basic criteria, you will be asked to submit the Application Support Forms and supporting documentation.


Qualifying Applicants whom the school(s) would like to interview will be notified by the Consortium.


Respond to offers made.

Please Note:

All successful candidates must attend the Consortium Induction Week from Monday 23rd August to Friday 27th August 2021